Spring Torsional Couplings have been a part of powertrains for over 70 years. Ashley Benoit & Co sell a line of spring couplings for use in many driveline applications. These couplings have had years of operations in high horsepower applications meeting industry’s demands with proven durability and long life.

Even in the roughest applications steel couplings continue to operate and address driveline torsional vibrations with consistent performance and durability throughout the life of the product. Whether it is a dry or lubricated, hot or cold environment, spring torsional couplings are designed to produce long life. Many off-highway applications can benefit from spring torsional couplings, including pump drive gear boxes, hydraulic pumps, and marine transmissions.

These products are a comprehensive line used in a wide variety of powertrain applications and offer the following advantages in most applications:

  • Torsional vibration isolation
  • Overload and shock load protection
  • Resonance isolation
  • Noise attenuation
  • Improved bearing / gear life
  • Increased system durability

Additional Advantages:

  • Low wear
  • All steel construction for long life
  • Lubricated and non-lubricated environments
  • True torsional coupling
  • Low rate / long life couplings
  • Uses original input shaft
  • Controlled coulomb damping
  • Multistage stiffness for optimized system tuning
  • Torsional properties not affected by heat and oil
  • Performance can be optimized for a given application
  • Temperature extremes do not affect performance or durability
  • Drop-in replacements for original drive plate, no modifications required
  • Integral shaft support capability eliminates the need for additional bearing support

Where dependability and performance are required, spring torsional couplings are designed and tuned to meet your needs. The coupling consists of an outer plate section that houses the springs which drive the splined hub in the center of the coupling. The center hub is supported by a bearing to the engine flywheel.

Spring couplings are rated from 0 - 900 H.P. and can fit all 28000, 56000, and 59000 series Funk Pump Drives. We have couplings available to suit 10”, 11.5”, and 14” flywheels.


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